Virtualization and Cloud Services

Sourcing Bangla Service will help reduce your dependency on physical devices though the different types of virtualization.
We also offer mobile and flexible cloud options

Private cloud

A private cloud is a single-tenant environment, which means that the tenant does not share resources with other users. Those resources can be managed and hosted in a number of ways. The private cloud might be built on resources and infrastructure already in place in an organization's on-premises data center, or it could be built entirely from scratch by us (Sourcing Bangla)



Infrastructure consists of hardware and software, as well as systems and devices, and it allows users, services, applications, and processes to communicate and compute. The network infrastructure of a system is made up of everything involved in the network, from servers to wireless routers. We provide all of the necessary equipment and services to ensure that the organization's network infrastructure runs smoothly.

Application and storage hosting

In its broadest meaning, hosting is a service that provides storage and computing capabilities to an individual or organization in exchange for the hosting and maintenance of one or more websites and related services. While IP-based hosting isn't required, the great majority of cases involve web-based services that make a website or web service worldwide accessible via the Internet.


On premise high availability

The ability of a system to operate continuously without failure for a set length of time is known as high availability (HA). Sourcing Bangla works to guarantee that a system reaches a pre-determined degree of operational performance. A widely believed but difficult-to-achieve criterion of availability in information technology (IT) is known as five-nines availability, which indicates the system or product is available 99.999 percent of the time. HA systems are employed in situations and sectors where the system must be functioning at all times.

Cloud-based solutions

On-demand distribution of computing resources through the Internet is what cloud-based solutions (or 'cloud' for short) stands for. You can gain access to as many resources as you need on a pay-per-use basis, including storage space, software and apps, networks, and other on-demand services. 
Besides from the pay-per-use approach, cloud solutions offer a variety of advantages to businesses. Businesses can benefit from scalability and flexibility by avoiding the physical limitations of on-premises servers, the reliability of multiple data centers with multiple redundancies, customization by configuring servers to your preferences, and responsive load balancing that can quickly respond to changing demands. We (Sourcing Bangla) helps to configure all the cloud system & enable all the feature for the organization.